Vases ikebana / floral art

Découvrez ma galerie de vases, contenants pour ikebana et art floral. J’ai répertorié les contenants en plusieurs catégories :

  • The high vases also called Nageire vases (ikebana school)
  • The "Suiban", flat saucers that can also be used in the art of Suiseki (landscape rock presentation)
  • The "miscellaneous" which includes Moribana, Shoka and other styles...

For information, all the containers here are of my realization and are unique pieces.

By clicking on the picture, you will be able to enlarge it and get the unique reference of the jar you are looking at. In case of contact, do not hesitate to mention this reference if the container has caught your attention.

If you are interested in the glaze or texture of a pot, I invite you to visit my page "My glazes". Indeed, I explain the method of obtaining each glaze.