Terrajade, unique ceramics.

The "Terrajade" potteries that I make are in stoneware and fired at around 1280°C, which guarantees their ingenious character.
My production is specialized in the potteries for Bonsai and for the containers of floral art and Ikebana. Indeed, many similarities exist in the codes of these two arts in the choice of the potteries used (color, sobriety, texture, forms).


The choipot

L’outil unique pour vous permettre de définir plus facilement le pot qui convient à votre arbre.

En dix questions, l’outil vous indique le pot à Bonsaï adapté à votre arbre : sa forme, sa taille, son émail, sa couleur.

What I particularly like about pottery is the search for glazes, despite its time-consuming nature. Discovering unique colors and textures is exciting. It's my "adventurer in a strange land" side. The possibilities are infinite and there are still many lands to discover!
In the section "My glazes", I share with you some of my finds!

The slip board:

  1. J’ai commandé un pot oval de 55cm x 43 x 11 et Julien m’a proposé trois finitions. Je suis particulièrement…

  2. Salut Rodolphe si c’est toi que j’ai vu à Maulevrier et qui a fait un pot pour ton Arakawa .…

  3. J’ADORE…..J’ai commandé un pot ( 54x42x7cm ) lors de l’expo du Mans en mai et réception à Maulevrier week-end dernier.…

  4. Félicitations à Julien pour sa réalisation d’une commande de 2 grands pots (62 cm chacun ), livraison effectuée sur une…

  5. I ordered a pot in December. After having framed the request, Julien got to work. The result? Pot delivered,...

Latest products added to the store:

My handmade production means that all my pieces are unique.
Thus, the Bonsai pots and Ikebana pots offered in my store all have a unique serial number engraved.

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You will discover my latest creations, as well as the realization of some pieces in video.