Le « choipot »: un générateur, un outil, un guide, pour choisir son pot à bonsaï

the choipot

Choipot: Which pot to choose for my bonsai?

This question comes up again and again when a tree is finished. We then want to give it a nice container to show it off. Then comes the headache of choosing a pot. In the traditional trade, we rarely find the right size, color or texture. So we turn to a potter to get a custom-made pot unique to our tree. Yes, but what do we need? What size, what shape, what color, what texture? To answer these questions, I developed the choipot.

With the help of the choipot, you will be able, by answering 10 questions, to know which type of pot is adapted to your tree.

The tool: the choipot

Obviously, this will not replace the subjective side of the bonsaika. However, the amateur will be able to imagine what type of pot will suit his tree.

Before completing the questionnaire, I encourage you to read the help. Although some of the questions may seem simple, answering some of them incorrectly will result in an incorrect assessment.

Help from the choipot

You can also find a video explaining the use of the choipot in order to better understand the use of the tool and to see a concrete example: